nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Something to play with

The usual way of working on one's body is to give it rather specific directions-- you say "relax, relax, relax". This can work quite well, but....

I've tried flipping it around, and gotten some good results. Instead of giving top-down orders (even if gently spoken) as though I know what I'm doing, I focus on a part-- for example a knee that hurts-- and say something like "Knee, you can rearrange the rest of me for your own good" and I'll get something like a complex subtle shift to my pelvis which I would not have thought of, and my knee feels better.

This does take a little patience-- it takes some seconds for me to start noticing changes.

It also takes some mental focus to make it work and keep it honest. Trying to say something like that to a body part when my mind is really on something else doesn't seem to do much. Also, just because a body part has gotten similar changes the past three times doesn't mean it will want the same thing this time, so it's important not to use volitional movement that overrides the interesting new thing that might happen.

I'm curious about whether this works for other people-- if you try it out, let me know, whether it works (and what happens) or not.

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