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Signal boost for political petition

Gene Treadwell, a friend of mine, has a petition up at We the People.

If it gets 25,000 signatures by January 1, the White House will have to view and address it.

You can sign it here.
Make Social Security an Ind. agency, like the Federal Reserve, to
prevent Congress from raiding the S.S. Trust Fund.

Making The Social Security administration an independent agency will
prevent The Congress or Administrations from diverting Social Security funds
to other uses and replacing them with worthless ( unfunded) I.O.U.s. S.S.
funds should only be used for; Social Security Insurance, Supplimental
Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicare, and
Medicaid. Social Security would most likely be completely solvent if not
for past diversions of Social Security funds by Congress, and past
Administrations. There should be an Independent Director and Trustees
managing an independent and Secure Trust Fund (Independent of direct
Congressional; Access, Control, or Political Manipulation).

The Social Security Trust fund is not and ought not be a part of the Federal
Operating Budget.

I'm not sure that it's a good idea-- I'm no expert on the likely effects of those rule changes-- but it's not obviously wrong.

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