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The insecurity state - Input Junkie
December 12th, 2012
02:45 am


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The insecurity state
Overview of searches, imprisonment, and electronic equipment seizures at the borders, which seem to be targeted at people who aren't keeping their heads down enough-- a student of Islamic studies, a programmer associated with defending Bradley Manning, a woman who's made a film about anti-US insurgents in Iraq and another about radicals in Yemen. Admittedly, sometimes apparently random people get harassed, too.

"Courts have long held that Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches do not apply at the border" -- I had no idea this was doctrine, but I suppose it explains a lot of what's going on.

An editorial about the above: Laptop seizures have a chilling effect

A number of cities are installing audio surveillance on buses. Are you feeling safer now?

"Cities that have installed the systems or have taken steps to procure them include San Francisco, California; Eugene, Oregon; Traverse City, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Baltimore Maryland; Hartford, Connecticut; and Athens, Georgia."

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Date:December 12th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
"Courts have long held that Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches do not apply at the border"

Oh man, the partner-chick and I have stories about border crossing that would curl you hair. the thinking, as it was once told me by an immigration lawyer, is that the job of the border guard is to assess reactions, so they can do whatever they wish to get a reaction out of you, and if you respond in certain ways, then you get to visit with them for a longer time.

we gave up on living just across the border from one another for weekend visits and went back to flying. Immigration officers in airports are far less difficult to deal with. I'm sure it's a class distinction, but since we could afford it, we took advantage.
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