nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Varanasi, India

I can't vouch for how good the portrayal of sadhus is, but I'm recommending this because it's an extraordinarily beautiful film. There's something about the photography that grabs me, and if anyone knows of other film in a similar spirit, please recommend it.

Other than that-- three Americans spend some weeks filming in India, mostly one sect of Sadhus but also some landscapes and train stations and a street festival. They also film themselves, and they aren't quite as interesting as India for the most part, but the dull bits are only five minutes or so out of forty.

A couple of details-- there's a bit of the sound of the birds (and insects?) which was very striking, and there's what looks like clubbell/kettlebell exercise by some of the monks.

Link thanks to Jenny Winder.

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