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Transforming Negative Self-Talk: Some advice that worked

Transforming Negative Self-Talk by Steve Andreas. This book takes a mostly NLP approach to the sort of internal attacks a lot of people subject themselves to. Rather than addressing the content of the attacks, Andreas describes ways of manipulating the location, direction, volume, speed, accent, pitch, etc. of the words, with an additional chapter on changing the punctuation and fiddling with the meaning (homonyms, words with similar sounds) until the message is positive or nonsensical.

He also points out that the voice might have a partly useful message-- for example one that says to take no risks at all might need to be transformed into one that's advising reasonable caution.

Early on, he says that this is something that might be worth trying, but it doesn't work for everyone. I've been plagued by internal attack for quite some years. I did most of the exercises, felt somewhat worse, and assumed it was another thing that didn't work. Then, over the next few days, I realized that the voice hadn't stopped, but I was much less emotionally affected by it, Since then, the voice has been showing up very rarely, and I can pretty much shut it down.

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