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Subscription scam - Input Junkie
February 20th, 2013
08:18 pm


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Subscription scam
I have an online subscription to the NYTimes for $20/four weeks, and I think of it as a bit of a splurge. It was rather a shock when something came in the mail about either $499.98 as an installment or $999.95 as a payment for 365 days of the Times. This isn't wildly off-- a year of the Times on paper costs over $800.

I was worried that something had gone wrong with my NYTimes account. Before I called them, I did see "Renewal Offer - Not a Bill" in small red letters near the bottom, but I was still furious.

Unsurprisingly, Publishers Billing Center turns out to be a scam.

The customer support guy at the Times was intelligent and helpful. They occasionally get calls about subscription scams. I said I wouldn't take it amiss to get an email about such scams, and maybe they'd like to write an article about them.

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