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Start-ups in fiction

I recently saw a suggestion that fiction about start-ups tends to be much better than Sturgeon's Law would imply, but I'm not sure whether it's just easier to notice the good stuff.

Suggestions for fiction-- good, bad, or indifferent-- about start-ups?

My impression is that romances are frequently about women who own small businesses, but usually don't cover the start-up phase. I don't read a lot of romances, though, so I could have missed start-up stories.

I've also got something in the back of mind mind that there are some start-up stories in urban fantasy/paranormal romance about people figuring out how to make a living from their magical powers, but nothing specific is coming to mind.

Some start-up stories:

Heinlein's _The Rolling Stones_
Bujold's _A Civil Campaign_ is (among other things) a start-up story, and

> The social network.
> Ghostbusters
> Moby dick **I'm not sure why this was included**
> Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
> Primer
> Tono bungay
> Jurassic park

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