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Lecture series about back pain and such

Back hope is one of those series of two one-hour lectures a day for ten days for free, after which you can get the lectures and transcripts and such for a fee.

I've listened to the first couple of lectures (still available for about 11 hours) and the quality is pretty good. The general theme is that otherwise intractable back pain can be healed, but it takes big emotional changes-- some specific methods mentioned so far are picture-tapping, Alexander Technique[1], and cranial-sacral therapy[2].

The first two lecturers were Tristan Truscott (qi gong, etc.) and Ingrid Bacci (cranial-sacral, etc.).

I don't have serious back problems, but the series has been interesting so far, and I have a feeling it might be of interest to at least some of you.

[1] I think of Alexander Technique as a way of getting access to one's innate ability to move well.
[2] Wikipedia has it that cranial sacral therapy is nonsense in theory and lacks evidence of working in fact. I find that it feels very good and seems to leave me feeling better. I suppose you take your chances.

A mildly friendly review
of cranial sacral-- for what it's worth, I've never heard someone doing cranial sacral claim that they were moving the bones of my skull.

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