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Proof-reading note

In my previous post, there was a gratuitous </a>. I've gotten it to appear at both dw and lj by using [& # 6 0] and [& # 6 2], without the spaces.

Something at dreamwidth very kindly suppressed it in my post there (no doubt related to the same helpful thing which turns [& # 6 0] without the spaces into <), but it appeared in my cross-post to livejournal.

Trying to find out how to just mention [& # 6 0] turns up [& l t], which would be easier to remember, but the problem seems to be that asking about escape codes just turns up information about escape codes rather than how to tell html how to *not* let the escape code make the character.

I suppose this is evidence that google isn't close to sentience yet.

ETA: I had two reasons for posting this-- a hint for people who cross-post and care about such things to proof read at all the sites your post is showing up at, and (as the post evolved) a request for how to post escape codes without letting them escape.

As for google's sentience, I'm assuming it would go through a stage of not being clever enough to dissemble by giving bad search results.

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