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I just saw Pacific Rim and White House Down [1] and liked them both quite a bit. I noticed that both of the movies are about mavericks-- people who just won't follow the rules, but it works out well.

In the real world, I notice Snowden, Manning, Swartz, and Zimmerman-- mavericks all-- and I was wondering whether there are any stories which include both people whose judgement is better than the rules and people whose judgement is worse than the rules. (Zimmerman broke a number of the rules for how neighborhood watch should behave, including carrying a gun and doing pursuit by himself.)

I also just saw the Hunger Games and didn't like it much [2], but I'm considering whether Katniss should count as a maverick. It feels wrong to describe her as one, but I'm not sure whether that's gender stereotyping on my part, or whether a person has to be part of a rule-oriented organization to rebel enough to count as a maverick.

Sidetrack: If you want a movie about an evil elite, I recommend In Time, the 2011 movie with the time zones. I haven't heard really good things about Elysium-- that it's mostly notable for the special effects. Thoughts?

*A heartwarming tale about a terrorist attack on the White House. No really, there's a man who's trying to pull his life together and who really wants to be a Secret Service agent, and who's just interviewed for the job and been turned down.....

The situation was too arbitrary-- 12 year olds competing against 16 year olds? I realize the point is cruelty, but there's also supposed to be spectacle. The rules got changed whenever it was convenient. Does a culture which can make devildogs out of nothing even need oppression? How does Katniss, who's bad at getting people to like her, figure out that starting a double suicide is the right way to get the spectators on her side? How does the sponsor thing even work? How did the nasty gang move in so much stuff? Don't you think people who were starving would eat more when they're offered food?

I'm not going say it was a completely bad movie-- Jennifer Lawrence was a good enough actress to carry the movie, and that's the main thing. I also rather admire the guts to make a relatively slow moving action movie these days, and it did keep my interest fairly well.

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