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If you are a smart person facing a psychology questionaire....

From a psychology student who has requested that I trim what I quoted:
Tests are typically written at a fourth or fifth grade reading level, so they can be taken by adults with little education or poor reading skills, or who are competent but not perfectly fluent in the language it’s given in. This is why many questions are written in simplistic language. It’s also why there tend to be multiple short questions on similar topics rather than one long, complex question covering all possible exceptions and ramifications.

If you’re willing to take a test, you will get the most out of it if you answer honestly but not necessarily with absolute literal readings of the questions when it occurs to you that they’re not meant literally, use your judgment about answering questions which strike you as stigmatizing, and elaborate as needed in discussion afterward.

There's probably some overestimation of how easy it is for all smart people to guess at the mainstream interpretation, but I expect this will be useful for at least some of the people reading it.

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