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Best snark I've seen *EVER*

The DSM-V as Dystopian Novel.

One of my favorite bits:
The word “disorder” occurs so many times that it almost detaches itself from any real signification, so that the implied existence of an ordered state against which a disorder can be measured nearly vanishes is almost forgotten. Throughout the novel, this ordered normality never appears except as an inference; it is the object of a subdued, hopeless yearning. With normality as a negatively defined and nebulously perfect ideal, anything and everything can then be condemned as a deviation from it.

The Minimus Moralia (mentioned in the satire) is available online. The tone of the satire is sufficiently remote that I wasn't sure any of its references really existed.

Possibly of interest: The Book of Woe, a history of and attack on the DSM-V. I haven't read the book, but a radio interview with the author made it sound promising.

How the American Psychiatric Association decided that homosexuality isn't a disease.

Top link first seen from siderea, but also available from supergee and at Making Light.

The title of this post should be viewed as a challenge. What's your favorite snark?

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