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Cheap, probably safe remedies

I just ran across this* about gelatin being good for arthritis. and found some confirmation here.

I've cleared up a case of gastric reflux by sleeping on my left side for a few nights. I'd have sworn I got the idea from wikipedia, but it isn't in the article now. I definitely picked it up from a fast search.

There's some evidence that a spoonful of honey before sleep (unfiltered honey on an empty stomach, not much sugar during the day) improves sleep for a high proportion of people who try it, and I've gotten mostly good results-- I'd been waking up many times during the night (presumably from hot flashes), but with honey, I'd only wake up once. It didn't work last night, but it's mostly worked. That spoonful is usually a tablespoon, but some people have reported good results with a teaspoon.

Anyway, what cheap and probably safe remedies have you found?

*From the same discussion: youraugustine said: "I have always suspected that border collies feel that if humans were THAT smart, they'd herd the sheep themselves, and this gets passed on via some kind of breed indoctrination as puppies."

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