nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Which sf world has the best toys?

Inspired by a comment to my previous post, I'm now wondering which sf world has the best toys, in the sense of either the best stuff you'd like to play with or the best stuff you could invent there.

I don't have a strong preference myself on this one. I'm looking for ideas.

This also reminds me of someone who said she loved cyberpunk because it had the best toys. The depressing societies which spoiled the fun for me didn't even register with her.

In Heavy Weather by Sterling [1], I admit I was very fond of the little helicopter for flying into giant tornadoes (do I remember correctly?), and I'm a bit more willing to believe that a high tech society with a water shortage is possible.

[1] Not to be confused with Mother of Storms by John Barnes, which makes me wince every time clathrates are mentioned.

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