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Debugging in Meatspace

xuenay posted about taking a proportionate approach to trust-- instead of thinking of people as trustworthy or untrustworthy, think about what you know you can or can't trust them with. This strikes me as a valuable approach, with one problem-- it can be useful to extend a lot of trust to a spouse, and this includes rare situations where you don't know how a potential spouse would handle them.

Side thought: how would the world be different if the ability to wrangle bureaucracies were considered an important trait for potential partners?

Anyway, xuenay's article included a link to celandine13's article about viewing errors-- especially repeated errors-- as correctable bugs rather than as personal defects to be overcome with willpower or unthinking repeated practice.

solri mentioned William Burroughs' The Discipline of DE, a piece about "do easy"-- paying enough attention to what you usually do and changing the details (down to the level of how you touch and move things) to make doing them smooth,
pleasant, and efficient.

The video (an abridged version of Burroughs' text) can be found here.

A video of Scott Sonnon explaining what being abused for a learning disability did to him, and how he found that the "learning disability" was actually an unusual but very effective style of learning.

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