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The magazine rack wasn't as bad as I thought

In a recent post, I was complaining about the prevalence of weight loss advice in magazine racks, and elenbarathi said that the racks weren't nearly as bad where she lived.

So I checked my local CVS magazine rack, and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. As this point, I have no idea whether it used to be worse, or whether I was in a bad mood, noticed a fair amount of weight loss advice, and assumed there was much more than there actually was. I've seen some indications that the public is less enchanted with commercial weight loss advice than it used to be.

Another possibility is that there's a seasonal cycle, with weight loss advice peaking during the holiday season and the swim suit season, so February might have weight loss advice at a relatively low level. This is just a guess, though.

What I saw at the CVS (and I didn't take notes, so assume that this is approximate) was a lot about clothing and sports, celebrities, cooking, and a modest but surprising amount about keeping your stuff organized, A fast glance at the cooking magazines didn't turn up much about weight loss.

There weren't a lot of what I'd call magazines with information in them-- what I saw was Scientific American, National Geographic, Time, and Rolling Stone.

This wasn't a huge magazine rack, maybe 12 feet long by 7 feet high (about 3.5 meters by 2 meters), and even that was an amazing and hard-to-assimilate amount of stuff if you're trying to actually look at all of it.

Another angle is that this is not an especially intellectual neighborhood. There are no bookstores, though there are plenty within a mile or two. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if there were different magazine mixes at different stores.

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