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The kind of management which doesn't lead to humorous videos

I posted a video of a engineer trying to explain to management that you just can't have seven red lines perpendicular to each other, and it doesn't help to use transparent ink and none of them can be a kitten no matter how much customers like kittens.

The people who were getting flashbacks didn't think it was especially hilarious.

Does the other sort of management which has some grasp of the real world correlate with anything? Perhaps having some technical people at the top? Or at the founding of the business? I suggested to dcseain that maybe some business schools are better than others, and he said that best was for management to not be from business school.

I also suspect it's not just technical people, even that that's the sort of problem that's easier for me and a lot of my readers to understand. I bet lawyers and accountant have parallel horror stories.

At some point in the conversation, the matter of how businesses with really bad management keep on going for a while came up, and I started wondering about bank loans, something that many (most?) (almost all?) businesses are dependent on. Do banks check for management competence? If so, how?

When I posted the first time, I tried to frame an _Atlas Shrugged_ joke, but couldn't get it to gell. However, there's a bit in the book (probably about James Taggart) believing that nothing is real except him getting what he wants, so that if the engineers say something won't work, all he has to do is get angry at them to get the results he's looking for. IIRC, that sort of management is also how the Challenger disaster happened.

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