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Ladino etc. music on Wednesday - Input Junkie
June 3rd, 2014
11:10 am


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Ladino etc. music on Wednesday
Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble:
Ladino, Klezmer, Liturgical and Raga inspired music to commemorate the Jewish holiday of Shavuot*. Distinguished guest artists joining the ensemble for this performance include Donna Morein (mezzo-soprano) Steve Kramer (cello), Dave Posmontier (keyboards) Kenny Ulansey (woodwinds) and Bill Koutsouros (strings and percussion). Plus student special guest artists: Thao Duong (piano), Ananth Bevinahally Raghunath (vocals) and Beartin Kocibelli (violin).</a>

7:30 PM, Mandell Theater, Chestnut and South 33rd St.
Free concert

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