nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

What would it take to allow Russian homosexuals into the US?

Homosexuals are being shut out of being able to live in Russia. Their organizations, homes, jobs, and probably eventually their children are being taken from them by law and regulation.

David Neiwert said:
It is now time for Americans to begin organizing the means to help members of the LGBT community in Russia emigrate and escape the awful fate that hangs over them now. Because fascism, the real thing (and not people's polluted understanding of it) is truly descending on Russia now, and gays are the first and foremost target (immigrants are not far behind, and of course, there eventually will be others).

Russian LGBT folk are in the same position as German Jews were in the 1930s -- and one of the truly historic shameful failures of Americans during those years came in failing to help Jews escape the fate that awaited them.

Post your ideas here: What can we do to help?

I have no idea. Repost on social media? Email your representatives?

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