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The Cranky Movie Watcher: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The movie was a triumph of CGI-- the fur was maybe a little stiff, but the apes were basically satisfactory. The message, played out through many plot twists, was that there are primates who want peace and primates who want war, and that's a more important distinction than ape vs. human.

However, I don't think they knocked themselves out thinking about the details.

Some of the chimps are riding horses. Horses are difficult to take care of, and there's no obvious way the chimps could have learned what they needed to know. What's more, all the horses are black, which makes for a very dramatic effect with the black chimps, but the odds are that the horses would be a normal assortment of brown, black, white, gray, and multi-colored.

The apes aren't using human artifacts at the beginning of the movie, even though there are presumably a tremendous number of abandoned houses, stores, etc. The movie has an anti-violence message, so there's an emotional kick when the apes start using guns. However, they might have wanted at least a few guns to protect themselves from bears.

It *might* be plausible that they were just one group rather than tribes in opposition to each other.

At a minimum, good knives are tremendously useful tools.

Caesar (the peace-loving ape leader) is shot by Koba (the pro-war subordinate) and badly injured-- he's lost a lot of blood and needs an operation. Two days later, he's in a hard fight with Koba, and wins. Not likely.

The surgical kit apparently doesn't include latex gloves-- Ellie's hands are bloody after the operation.

A lot of the plot is about the humans trying to get a dam repaired and reconnected to the power grid, with the difficulty that the dam is in ape territory. This is urgent because the humans are almost out of diesel and (other fuel forgotten).

I was hoping that when the humans were negotiating for access to the dam, they would offer a literal (littoral?) power-sharing agreement, but oh, well.

Don't the humans have solar panels?

One of the reasons humans need the dam is to power their radio transmitter. Anyone know how much power they needed? Should they have been using ham radio?

There didn't seem to be a coherent pattern of when the apes spoke and when they used sign, but maybe I missed something. Thoughts?

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