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What do people do when they do energy work?

In a recent conversation with a friend, it turned out that we do different things when we do grounding, and I suspect there's a lot of individual variation hidden under grounding, shielding, and the elements.

I'm not just talking about which element you ground to, though there's variation there, too.

I'm curious about the details. Let's take a look at grounding, just for an example. I ground by using the feeling of energy going into the ground beneath me. If I'm not on a ground floor, I may try imagining the that there's earth beneath the building, but I don't give the idea the amount of detail it deserves (what about basements? soil? bedrock?), and I can't say that it seems to help very much.

The kind of detail I'm interested in (which doesn't mean I expect anyone to address all these angles, and I expect that I haven't covered all the sorts of variation) is what senses do you use/imagine when you do energy work? If you're using methods which aren't based in your senses and can find any way to write about it, I'm definitely interested.

Back to grounding to earth.... Suppose you imagine a tree. Is it a sort of vague tree in general? That's pretty much what I do if someone is leading a tree visualization.? A particular type of tree? A specific tree that you've experienced? Or constructed?

Do you use ideas from science, or do you only build on your direct experience?

Do you have a conscious goal when you ground? Whether you do or not, how do you decide you're done enough?

The same sort of questions apply to shielding, with the addition of when and how you decide to shield.

Elements get a smidge more theoretical-- which elements do you use? Why? (I use the four Greek elements because they seem to be good enough. I'm certainly not demanding that everyone go on a quest to find the best elemental system, though I would definitely read a fantasy novel based on the premise.) Do you imagine one default for each, or include different modes like water, steam, vapor, and ice?

Does anyone use the chemical elements at all?

Possibly of interest: What Universal Experiences Have You Been Missing without Realizing It? A huge discussion of how different people are from each other-- it includes sensory, emotional, and sexual variation, and I recommend it highly. I believe giving attention to the fact that other people really are different from you and not just doing it to be annoying counts as a spiritual practice. And, of course, you're different from them, and not just doing it because you're fucking up.

Celestial Matters, a fantasy novel by Richard Garfinkel. The four Greek elements and Ptolomaic astronomy is true. So is feng shui. Greece (some centuries after the classical period and China are the superpowers. Unfortunately, while the Greek side is well worked out, the Chinese side is relatively sketchy. Still, quite a good novel. It has the minor virtue of being an alternate history novel which (so far as I know) doesn't have cute references to people from our time line who were born long after the divergence.

The wikipedia link pointed me at Inne pieśni, a novel on similar themes in Polish. It sounds very interesting, and I hope someone translates it.

The has been doing a series of programs about the chemical elements.

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