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Spiced cabbage and fish

Either I wasn't as hungry as I thought, or this is *very* filling.

Large cabbage, chopped medium fine
Juice of one lemon
1 pound of mahi mahi
olive oil
soy sauce
mild curry powder
ras-el hanout
forbidden rice noodle ramen
a couple of handfuls of roasted sunflower seeds

Heat olive oil in skillet on medium heat. Put in cabbage and lemon juice.
(I had a lot of cabbage, it filled a 12" skillet.) I added the spices
while the cabbage was cooking, but they could have gone in with the oil. I
added the sunflower seeds late, too, and they might have benefited from
being toasted in the oil at the beginning.

Put large pot of water on to boil.

When the cabbage is partly cooked, put in the fish, and cover. When the
fish is cooked, uncover and turn the heat off.

When the water is boiling, put in the ramen. Cook according to
instructions, I guess.

Add soy sauce to taste when it's done. I put on more than I intended, but
it tasted good.

Notes: I was underwhelmed with the ramen-- I may have overcooked it. One
ramen certainly isn't enough for that much food, and I think I'll cook
rice to go with the rest of it.

Forbidden rice is a black rice. When it's good, it tastes like brown rice with a stronger brown rice flavor. When it's mediocre (I mean Whole Foods house brand) it's a black rice that tastes like brown rice but costs more.

Also, that's way too much cabbage for the amount of fish. I'm planning to
cook the rest of the cabbage with egg when I run out of fish.

The fish wasn't great-- I don't know whether mahi mahi shouldn't be steamed.

I'm still fairly happy with it-- the mild curry/ras-el hanout/soy sauce
combination on the cabbage is a big win.

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