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Spiced cabbage with scrambled egg - Input Junkie
January 8th, 2015
11:36 pm


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Spiced cabbage with scrambled egg
some of this spiced cabbage
3 eggs
about an ounce or so of pancetta
half a quince, chopped up
some black pepper
some cream

That half quince had been in the refrigerator for a few days, and I thought it might be a little dry-- quince is the driest fruit I know of, even when it's fresh.

I heated some olive oil and water, and put in the quince. When almost all of the water was gone, I put in the thinly sliced pancetta and the pepper. (Pancetta is something like bacon, but fattier.) I tried a very low heat, but the pancetta was barely making any progress, so I went to medium high.

Then I lowered the heat and mixed the cream and eggs together and put them in. Salt was added at some point.

This was really excellent, and perhaps better because the weather is cold.

Quinces aren't all that available for most of the year around here. A tart apple might be a good substitute.

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