nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Looking for books about men and women living well with each other

I just read The Just City by Jo Walton*, and it's a spectacular book.... but there's rather a lot about rape (of women by men), and about women getting stuck with most of the childcare, and I find that I'm tired of reading about misogyny.

In some moods, and moreso in the past, I've wanted to read about societies where women are oppressed, and about women getting revenge, with a special fondness for C. J. Cherryh's "The Haunted Tower"-- that's the one about the far future mayor of London's mistress and the ghosts in the tower of London, but the last time I read it, it had worn out. It's not that I want those stories to go away or that other people shouldn't read them.

I expect there's fiction about societies where it's the default for men and women to treat each other well, but my mental filing system isn't turning them up. Any suggestions?

*I just realized I'd been recommending a non-existent book called The Good City. I hope google will make up for my lapse.

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