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Trying to do a little research about the Weimar Republic....

I wanted to bring the usual "the Weimar Republic lifted restrictions on the Jews" into a discussion, and I thought I'd do a little research on the details first.

It turns out that a search on anything like [Weimar Republic Jews] gets pretty much swamped by anti-Semitic material (I'm really angry about this, and open to suggestions for improving the situation), and the little that isn't anti-Semitic doesn't have the information I wanted. I did find out that Jews got more opportunities to be professors and have high level civil service positions, and also that there were anti-Catholic laws which were gradually being lifted.

After some thought, I went to Google Books and found this, but as is typical of all real history, it's full of details, and as is typical of most real history, it's pretty depressing.

It does talk about a gradual and unreliable lifting of restrictions against Jews in German academe which started centuries before the Weimar Republic and at this point, I have no idea whether there was strong improvement in policies towards Jews then. The book excerpt says not for academe, but I don't know about other parts of life.

So does anyone know what was actually going on in the Weimar Republic in regards to Jews? Or know of an online source about it? And if a subject is swamped with anti-Semitic links, how do you get past them?

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