nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Chicken soup with carrots and dill

As usual, the measurements are approximate. This will probably be two meals-- more rice will be added for the second meal.

1 quart of chicken stock from the store (ok, this measurement is exact)
bones of one smallish cooked chicken, in a soup sock*
a little chicken fat that came with the chicken giblets
about a cup and a half of big chopped carrots
about a quarter cup of olive oil
enough water so the liquid covers the ingredients
salt, fresh ground black pepper, mild fajita spices, a *small* sprinkle* of ghost pepper (very hot pepper)
maybe a tablespoon of fresh dill
half a cup of cooked brown rice

I piled everything but the dill and rice in a pot, and cooked it as a medium boil for an hour or so. The carrots were cooked but still had flavor. Then I put in the dill and kept boiling it for about ten minutes.

I added the rice out of the refrigerator because I wanted to cool the soup enough so that I could eat it sooner rather than later.

This turned out to be a big win-- better than a lot of the food I get from restaurants.

*soup socks are large mesh bags-- if you're putting pointy herbs and/or meat with small bones in your soup, a soup sock makes it easy to take out the disposable bits

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