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Understanding your anatomy and playing music

Four good minutes of relaxed, excellent musicians and explanations of why knowing that the ground supports you, your arms include your collarbones and shoulder blades, and that your core [replica of spine is shown] supports you rather than your back muscles improves people's ability to play music. Moving in accordance with your actual structure works better.

Same video with Portuguese subtitles-- this link thanks to Bruce Fertman, my Alexander Technique teacher.

Body-mapping was invented by Bill and Barbara Conable.

An article about how to apply body-mapping-- specifically about how to think more clearly about the bottom joint of your forefingers-- the joint is roughly level with the knuckle, even though it doesn't look that way from the front, and it's better thought of as bone surfaces sliding over each other rather than as something like an axle. The article also includes how to integrate new knowledge about anatomy into moving more easily-- it isn't something you need to run consciously. Updated link for the author.

The video mentions bones, muscles, and joints. If you're interested in mapping and imagery for internal organs as well, check out Eric Franklin (lots of books, videos, etc.) and Mellish'sA Tai Chi Imagery Workbook: Spirit, Intent, and Motion. An interview with Mellish.

Weirdly enough, there's a completely different Eric Franklin, a scupltor who makes anatomically correct skeletons out of blown glass with florescent gases in them.

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