nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A conservative is actually funny

Cthulhu vs. the Sweet Meteor of Death
I should note that the claim that Cthulhu is evil has actually sparked some controversy on Twitter. Some of his devotees tell me that he’s beyond mortal conceptions of evil which, of course, is what evil people always say. Moreover, his campaign slogan is “Why vote for the lesser evil?” Is he lying? Will he be a flip-flopper, refusing to follow through on his platform of full-spectrum evil? The last thing this country needs is an EDINO — Evil Deity In Name Only. No, I take him at his word.

This rather reminds me of Dave Barry, possibly with hints of Mencken and/or Twain-- quite refreshing since I've gotten a little tired of Cracked's house style.

Link thanks to libertarianhawk.

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