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On not having a bra size

A woman goes to six bra stores-- the usual advice is that women don't know what their bra size is, and they should go to a store and get a professional fitting. This turns out to be as good advice as just saying "go to a doctor".

Even if you aren't especially interested in the subject, the article might be worth reading.

The author has a fine hand with her snark: "This bra itself is a Lilyette “infinity back smoothing minimizer,” which isn’t so much a description as it is just four words hanging together for dear life." "

"Upon closer inspection, I discover that the “push-up” mechanism of this bra is literally some air bags. Presumably this is a safety feature?"

One important bit is that women don't have bra sizes because (as with other women's clothing) there is no standardization in bra sizes. Bras that are labelled as the same size aren't the same size. The map is not the territory.

The conclusions, which (with a little generalization for some of them) apply to much more than buying bras:
1. You should be fitted for a bra every time you buy a new one. Just because you’ve recently had a bra that fit you in one size doesn’t mean that they’re all going to fit well.
2. Be honest with the person fitting you. They are human people like you who do not have the ability to read your mind, and they can’t help you unless you tell them your concerns — and if they totally ignore your concerns, then it’s time to go somewhere else.
3. Never buy anything you don’t love. At the end of the day, it’s my fault for buying a bra that I didn’t feel comfortable in, because I let myself be convinced that my instincts were wrong. Nobody threatened to strangle me with a bra strap if I didn’t hand over my credit card.
4. A good fit is what feels good to you. Do you feel comfortable? Supported? Can you put your bra on without having to adjust it 85 times a day like a crazy person? Does it make you feel your best in clothes? Then you’re wearing the right bra size, and everyone else can shut their mouths. Case closed.

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