nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Do Libertarians Love Burning Man?

Question inspired by this, which argues that Burning Man is being damaged by the covert capitalism of allowing labor which is paid off-site (probably true), that the abusive nature of the practice is especially pure capitalism (not obviously true, but it's hard to argue with people about the essential nature of whatever), and which states that libertarians love Burning Man.

There's also a claim (probably plausible, but I don't have the background to be sure) that people (Americans?) are bad at acknowledging that working for money is selling labor.

Personally, I'm just cranky that labor which is not sold (what people do for themselves and for other people for free) isn't considered in the GDP. "Hard to measure" is not a good enough excuse.

If you are a libertarian, do you love Burning Man?


If you are not a libertarian, feel free to talk about Burning Man in the comments. If you want to talk about libertarians, please say something about your sources of information about libertarians. If all your sources are people who hate libertarians, consider the possibility that you aren't an expert on the subject.

I'm a libertarian. I don't love Burning Man. Let me count the ways. Some of this is personal-- I don't like being overheated, I don't like loud noise, and I just don't run at the necessary energy level. However, I think there's some ideological repulsion too-- Burning Man is just not libertarian because commerce isn't permitted. This doesn't mean I'm opposed to Burning Man, but it isn't my flavor of utopia.

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