nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Weird dream, interpretations welcome

I usually don't remember my dreams.

I dreamed about a big fish tank which had frogs and shrimp in it (possibly
other creatures as well). Now that I think about it, the shrimp resembled
cooked shrimp more than live shrimp, but I think it's just that cooked
shrimp is my default image of shrimp.

In any case, the frogs were lying there, stretched out and with its eyes
closed, and after watching this for a while, I decided the frogs needed
saltier water. I somehow got the idea that the frog needed about half a
cup of salt.

I walked into the room with the tank and dropped the salt in through an
access hole in the top of the tank.

The frog opened its eyes a time or two, but then closes them again.

Later, I heard on the news that someone had irresponsibly added salt to
the tank. There was a mention that the frogs were six feet long, which
makes the scale of things make more sense. I decided I hadn't left
fingerprints and wasn't going to confess, and also thought that I'd added
salt to the tank because I felt like I had to do something and I usually
don't do anything.

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