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The videogame so good that many people only play it once - Input Junkie
August 4th, 2016
10:08 am


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The videogame so good that many people only play it once
Yes, Journey, a game which originally intended (1 hour video) to create a sense of emotional connection</a> but which also ended up with a sense of transcendence.

A little more about how the game was designed

Somewhat about the visual design of the game. This one is text, but unfortunately, it includes spoilers for the end of the game.

I haven't played it-- I don't have a Playstation (the game needs PS 3 or 4), and it didn't seem worth getting the Playstation for just one game, but I've watched about half a playthrough, and read/watched a fair amount about the design.

However, the game is at it's best when other people are playing at the same time, and they still are.

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