nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Two offers from Asymmetrical Information

From Jane Galt:

Please, dig deep. I've given money to the red cross, and money to this effort, which I blogged about earlier. Being a journalist, I'm afraid I can't afford matching funds, nor do I have anything nifty to offer like the folks at Crooked Timber have. But I'll offer this: for every hundred dollars you donate to a recognized charity (or the Lake Providence effort), I will mail you a homemade pound cake. I'm a pretty good baker. If you donate $250, I will write a blog post about anything you like*. It's on the honor system; just use the NZ Bear registry, or email me.</p>

From Mindles H. Dreck:

I tell you what. I'll donate up to another $1,000 to match further contributions referencing this blog as logged on Truth Laid Bear. On your honor - you actually made the donation, and you made it after reading this. Send me an email (

UPDATE: Thanks Amber, Mark Garbowski and Dr. Ann Sherman for donating.

More generally, are matching offers being collected anywhere? Should they be collected?

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