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Cool tech that got lost somehow - Input Junkie
October 3rd, 2017
09:36 am


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Cool tech that got lost somehow

I'm not sure why the site-embed isn't working, but there's a good video link in the historythings link at the bottom.

The Rolligon!

This is amazing. I'm not sure whether there's a practical use for them, but it's sad if there isn't.


There is a Rolligon company. They make a bunch of interesting-looking construction equipment, but none with huge soft tires. I'm not sure what the legalities would be of just making toy versions. Or what it would take to get permission and make the toys for safe. It seems like a missed commercial opportunity.


Heinlein quotes about Rolligons on the moon-- he may have just picked up the name, or invented it. I would assume the Rolligon would give a soft ride on the earth, and softer on the moon.


More about Rolligons. The idea of squishy rollers were invented by Alaskan villagers-- they used inflated sealskins. The trucks were actually used in Alaska.

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