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Very tasty and simple tuna-tomato thing - Input Junkie
October 3rd, 2017
10:05 am


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Very tasty and simple tuna-tomato thing
I cooked a thing I'm happy with-- stovetop cooked (on high gas) 1 lb. tuna belly (other tuna would probably be as good), and a medium large tomato.

I started with olive oil and a some Penzy's Ozark seasoning (salt, Tellicherry black pepper, spices and herbs, granulated garlic and paprika), cooked the tomato part way, added the tuna and cooked (with some stirring) till it was cooked through.

I mixed up some Mexican sour cream (not that much different from the usual, maybe milder) and fresh dill, and kept it on the side so there'd be some contrast of temperature.

I thought the sour cream and dill would be a big deal, but not so much. The tuna/tomato thing was really nice-- it would be plausible as a restaurant dish. (Go ahead, tell me this is a completely standard recipe I didn't know about.)

There are a couple of drawbacks on the restaurant side-- it isn't very pretty, with the rather beige tuna and the squelched tomato. On the other hand, there's an orange broth that looks pretty good.

It's also sort of intermediate between a plate entree and a soup. It might made sense to have a higher proportion of tomato and serve it as a soup. Or possibly add some dark mushrooms for the contrast, and I think the taste would work.

Anyway, it's tasty and quick. It's low carb, should you be doing that. I actually tried to figure out a starch to go with it, and nothing was obvious. I think any of the usual things-- potatoes, pasta, or rice-- would go with it well enough.

As stated, the sour cream with dill wasn't that important if you want it to be dairy-free. You could garnish it with dill. I'd also put some parmesan cheese in, but it didn't seem to make much difference. Possibly a version with a lot of parmesan (baked?) would work.

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Date:October 3rd, 2017 11:03 pm (UTC)
This recipe is more or less (without the sour cream) Pataco, which is a Catalan dish. They would also add potatoes, possibly zucchini, onion, garlic, white wine, and almonds. I'm sure you can vary the ingredients according to taste.

Since no one has heard of Catalonia until last weekend, though, you can be excused for not knowing this.

The Basque version of this uses potatoes, red and/or green peppers, wine, and tomatoes. it's called Marmitako.

There's another Spanish version of this that uses potatoes, red peppers, water, and onions, called a la Rioja.

Spain: so much more than paella!

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