nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Is the Knowledge Factory Broken?

And the answer is, "Not completely, but in more ways than you could possibly imagine."

Is the Knowledge Factory Broken?

23 minute podcast

I've heard a lot of about the replication crisis, but this it the first I've heard that Ambigen researchers couldn't replicate their own experiments in their own lab. i give them points for honesty, but this means science is even harder than I thought.

There's the general problem of scientists getting career advancement for flashy new discoveries... but no one is allotted enough time or money to check anything for truth. I've been thinking for a while institutionally, we've been trying to do science on the cheap, using easy measurements like number of citations.

This brings me back to the useful concept of the conservation of thought (from the first issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction)-- just that people generally don't want to think more than they have to.

There's a section about the social sciences not communicating with each other (of course they don't have a shared vocabulary), with a suggestion that if they worked on real world problems, success or failure would supply a test.

There's a man working on making scientific journals more available, but he doesn't look at the problem of not enough people to read them and think about them.

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