nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Same as the first....

"Those who had the money to flee...ran into hours-long traffic jams. Those too poor to leave the city had to find their own shelter - a policy that was eventually reversed, but only a few hours before the deadly storm struck land."

Eventually, tens of thousands of New Orleanans were directed to the Superdome - where no food, water or living facilities were provided for the massive number of refugees expected to remain there for at least several days.

[...] [the hurricane] approached the Gulf coast from the Gulf of Mexico, the city - warned by forecasters that a direct hit could send torrents of Mississippi River backwash over the city's levees, creating a 20-foot-deep cesspool of human and industrial waste - urged more than a million people to flee the wrath of the oncoming storm.

But nobody told them how to flee...

Except that this one was hurricane Ivan, and the dateline for the original story is September 20, 2004.

Link found at The Agitator.

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