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Solving technical problems on line

Some of you will find this obvious, but it took some time for me to figure this out, starting from "My computer doesn't work!" and gradually acquiring enough calm and knowledge to solve simple problems.

I have no doubt that this is incomplete, and advice for improving it is appreciated. Insults about how people ought to know this sort of thing are *not* appreciated.

I posted recently about making the captions on youtube more legible.

I didn't mention that I had almost finished a request for help when it occurred to me that I could look it up myself-- and eventually that I should write a post about how to find that sort of thing.

Sometimes the hardest part is finding out the name for a thing. It's rather like magic. Know the name, get power.

In this case, for some reason I was thinking of the words at the bottom of the video as quotes. but they're actually called captions.

If you don't know the name, search on other words related to your problem. With a little luck, you'll find someone talking about the thing you need to know.

How-to videos on vaguely related topics may also be helpful.

Also, it wasn't important in this case, but be specific about what you're using. What operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and which version. What model of computer or device. That sort of thing.

Companies that make computer things generally have help pages and manuals are available online.

No guarantees that any particular source will have the solution you're looking for.

I had a miserable time trying to find out how to open my HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 printer. It turns out that you can't lift the glass screen to get at the printer cartridges *unless* the feeder is down. No one explained this. I think I found out by watching a video.

Sometimes there's useful information at I think of reddit as pretty low information density, but they've got search.

Sometimes there's a app which will solve your problem. Search on terms related to your problem with app added.

If you're stuck, it's alright to ask questions. If you've got a solution, there's something to be said for posting about it. Sometimes people just put up with things because they haven't realized they're solvable problems.


How to make the captions on youtube videos relatively legible

It turns out that you can adjust the captions on youtube in a number of ways.

You click on the gear in the lower right corner and and hit subtitles, then options.

It turns out that the font colors are different from each other, but pretty faint.

I was able to make them readable by increasing the size.

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