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Talk to me about tomatoes

First excellent tomato of the season!

It was a large round (completely conventional shape) orange tomato. The first one that smelled good. I bought it at a gourmet shop, but I've bought heirloom tomatoes there that weren't anything special.

I've found that tomatoes which smell good will be good, but tomatoes with no smell *might* be good.

Big enough tor two tomato-eating sessions, and still a good bit left.

To be fair, I've had some good cherry tomatoes this year, but they weren't this good.

I suspect we've hit the heirloom tomato apocalypse I've been fearing-- the development of tomatoes which *look* like heirloom tomatoes but don't taste like anything special.

Also, is it worth cooking with the best tomatoes, or are they best appreciated by being eaten raw?

How have your tomato experiences been?

Other fruits and vegetables?

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