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Notes on The Pursuit of the Pankera (3)

Chapter VII

Figuring out that there was a forged letter inviting Jake to the party. More cute talk about being naked.

The only thing I liked about this chapter is the bit where Deety takes some time to figure out this situation.

If there's anything else good about the chapter, let me know.

Chapter VIII

Some backstory for Hilda. This and the previous chapter seem unfamiliar to me-- I'd heard that the first third was identical to NotB, but I'm only at 13%.

Evidence that some version of this chapter was in NotB. I was looking for the cadence, but didn't find it.

Otherwise, pleasantly intelligent but not much else to say about it.

It's a good point that just helping the very smart people can take a good bit of brains, and I don't think it's said very often.

Zeb is an interesting character-- normally being big and strong and good at being protective is enough for a stereotypical male character, but Zeb's notable feature is how much he thinks ahead and prepares for things going wrong.


Discussion of using the continua tech for terraforming, including forced aging. Start the adjustment of Venus' atmosphere. Since there is no energy cost for travelling between variant worlds or moving things between them, you could have a million years or whatever is needed take place without having to wait for them yourself.

I'd like to see the story where someone tries that and finds that life has evolved independently from the bacteria or whatever which was seeded, including an intelligent species.

Extended story of how and why Zeb got himself a meaningless PhD. Studying professors probably does pay off.

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