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Notes on The Pursuit of the Pankera (5)

Chapter X

It's worth looking at how authority is handled, including smooth transitions between Zeb (mostly in change) and Hilda.

I don't have a lot else to say about this so far, but the Black Hats are terrifying. I'm hoping this book handles them better than NotB.

Chapters XI, XII, XIII

Reasonable actions in response to threats and deduced threats

Going to Barsoom is an exhilarating idea.

Chapter XIV

Does "us girls should stick together" actually make sense?

It's clear that they've arrived at a Mars which isn't the Mars of our home solar systrm, but does that mean it's Barsoom rather than some other variant or fictional Mars?


Pleasant enough chapter, but not much to say about it. I wonder whether Heinlein would have shortened it.


Mostly fun with being intelligent.

Did they go back to the *same* Barsoom, or a very similar one? Could it matter if they're changing places with other crews on other Gay Deceivers?

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