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Scrambled eggs with flax

Cooked a pleasant thing.

I've soaked some flax seeds to make them into food. Unsoaked flax seeds are edible, but not very nutritious. Soaked flax seeds keep for a surprisingly long time in the refrigerator. They're also very low carb, but seem carb-like to eat. They aren't that great if they're just cooked a little.

I fried a moderate quantity of soaked flax seeds in olive oil for a while at medium heat. Probably 15 minutes or more. I needed to scrape them off the pan a few times.

I added chopped cauliflower, salt, and various spices. I forget all of them, but there was Penzey's Justice mix, which is mostly various sorts of dried onion and a medium curry. The result was mild, but the spices presumably added interest. If you want actual zing, taste as you go.

Then, 4 large scrambled eggs and some cream (approximately the volume of one of the eggs). When the eggs were cooked, I added a good bit of parmesan cheese.

The result was comfort food, which I wasn't expecting. I think it wasn't just the amount of dairy, the texture (perhaps something glutinous from the flax seeds) hit the spot. This entry was posted at Comments are welcome here or there. comment count unavailable comments so far on that entry.
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