nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

No, the local authorities didn't have to ask the Feds to come in

National Response Plan

Guiding principles for proactive Federal response include the following:

■ The primary mission is to save lives; protect critical infrastructure, property, and the environment; contain the event; and preserve national security.

■ Standard procedures regarding requests for assistance may be expedited or, under extreme circumstances, suspended in the immediate aftermath of an event of catastrophic magnitude.

■ Identified Federal response resources will deploy and begin necessary operations as required to commence life-safety activities.

■ Notification and full coordination with States will occur, but the coordination process must not delay or impede the rapid deployment and use of critical resources. States are urged to notify and coordinate with local governments regarding a proactive Federal response.

■ State and local governments are encouraged to conduct collaborative planning with the Federal Government as a part of "steady-state" preparedness for catastrophic incidents.

Link from Kip Williams in rec.arts.sf.fandom

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