nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

The Bridge to Somewhere

Remember that story about those very expensive Alaskan bridges which would be paid for through a recent transportation bill, and that Alaska wasn't willing to give the money back for Katrina relief?

The story continues.

Gravina Island (population: 50) is home to one of those $250 million bridges targeted by Coburn's amendment. Alaska's triumverate of greed -- Rep. Dan Young, Gov. Frank Murkowski, and Sen. Ted Stevens -- all say the bridge to Gravina will spur "development." But much of Gravina is protected wilderness. In fact, just a handful of private citizens own land there. One of them happens to be Nancy Murkowski, wife of the governor, and mother of Senator Lisa Murkowski. Nancy Murkowski owns 33 acres on Gravina, valued at about $225,000. I suspect that valuation will soar once the federally-funded bridge is completed, and what little private land exists on the island begins to be eyed by developers. Oddly enough, the Murkowskis neglected to list their Gravina Island property on the financial diclosure forms requried by state law.

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