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Duuuum, deedle deedle deedle dum deedle dum

From rassef:

The CD player is balanced on the edge of the
table, with a penny glued to the top of the disk. This causes the player
to fall over, landing on a pair of scales. As that side goes down, the
othe side goes up, striking a match which then lights a candle that
warms the air inside a dry-cleaner's bag. The bag rises, causing a
superstitious fellow outside to become alarmed, and he goes to the phone
to call the TV station. The phone completes an electrical circuit that
diverts a bus carrying the Cleveland Symphony orchestra to drive past
your house, where a replica of a traffic light permanently set on "stop"
awaits them. Meanwhile, the cleaner's bag rises to the ceiling where it
causes a thread to tighten just enough to unveil a picture of some
acorns in front of a squirrel on a treadmill. The squirrel starts
running to the acorns, causing a string to wind on a protruding axle
that unveils a blow-up photo of Bo Derek from "10" in your yard. The
orchestra members, bored from waiting at the light, will then take the
hint and begin playing "Bolero" to amuse themselves.

Then, of course, you spend the rest of the day putting the various parts
of the device back in position to wake you up the following morning,
just in time to go to bed and get some sleep and start it all over. When
the Cleveland Symphony catches on and stops taking that route, you may
substitute the Buffalo Philharmonic.

Kip W

Just to check, do any of my gentle readers not know about newsgroups?

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