nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

A joke

Two mathematicians are eating lunch near their college, with one complaining
bitterly about the ignorance of the student population. He gets up to go to
the bathroom, and the other calls the waitress over. "Would you like a nice
tip? Next time I call you, whatever I ask, say 'X squared over 2'. Got it?
Good, you can go now." When his friend returns, he says "Things are much
better than you think. In fact I'll bet even our waitress, who looks like a
humanities major, knows some simple calculus. Ten bucks on it? Good.
Miss, can you come here, please? Now tell me, what's the integral of X?"

"X squared over 2".

"Thank you, that's all."

The waitress leaves, muttering under her breath "plus a constant".

From Mike Schilling over in rec.arts.sf.written--there's a thread of nerd jokes.

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