nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

On talking to people rather than to their words, and dogs rather than their actions

A pastor thinking about how to be emotionally intelligent with people who ask him about acceptance of homosexuality when he is not yet sure of what God thinks of the subject.

Link found at perigee.

9.9. One of many ways in which dogs are very like the French is that they do not understand you any better if you yell. It is wise to devise modes of communicating with your dog that are not predicated on raising your voice. One is prone to suggest using the very methods that dogs use in their own canine pack socializing, as these are the methods dogs instinctively recognize and to which they react in a predictable and useful way. Oddly enough there are a number of helpful guides to dog behavior --which is, oddly enough, not identical to human behavior-- available in print and even in DVD form.

From misia, here

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