nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

After ebay, what?

isn't the only place I've seen serious complaints about ebay fees. There was a Wall Street Journal article about a year ago about sellers getting disgusted with ebay's high fees and poor customer service and setting up their own sites, though at that point, ebay was still expanding. I know a bookseller who's moved to amazon because of ebay's fees.

If ebay isn't as good for sellers, it's not as quite as good for buyers either. While I still find good stuff there, the proportion of ordinary commercial items seems to be going up--it doesn't have as much of the one-of-a-kind garage sale stuff.

Do any of you guys have buying/selling sites you recommend? So far, I've got Etsy and Getcrafty. Amazon is good for books, or at least I can frequently find better prices there than at Bookfinder. I admit it, Ebay is still a good place to find books.

I'm wondering if Ebay has been raising their fees because they thought it would be more profitable (and who knows, it might be) or if they need to get more money to keep going.

Also, are there any good forums/blogs/whatever that review and keep track of buying/selling sites?

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