nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

How to do D&C at home

Molly Saves the Day has the first of a series on how to set up an abortion clinic--South Dakota recently passed a law illegalizing just about all abortions, so it makes sense to get the information out in case there needs to be an underground system.

If you've got time, I recommend the comments, too. Not only is there handy stuff like the details of using a pressure cooker to sterilize instruments (an autoclave is better, but a pressure cooker, used carefully, is pretty good), but I've realized that part of a good education is being able to read things accurately even if you hate them. One of the anti-abortion commenters didn't seem able to grasp that the instructions were for a D&C done by one person for another person, not poking around in your own innards.

One of the points made was that there's no need to get the word out on how to do D&Cs because an underground abortion clinic should be able to get trained medical people. Afaik, there's less medical training in abortions these days. Anybody know whether this is true? Also, in a thinly populated state like South Dakota, there might not be a medically trained person who's willing to work in an underground clinic handy.

Link from misia.
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