nancylebov (nancylebov) wrote,

Boredom is bad for your brain

Adult brains can grow new neurons--if they're in a low-stress, stimulating environment. The reason it was commonly thought adult brains didn't grow new neurons was earlier studies done on monkeys which were kept in sterile cages.

I have a notion that prison causes brain damage--and no one's going to check because it would be too embarassing to find that out.

This article is from Creating Passionate Users, the blog for the authors of O'Reilly's Head First books, a series based on the premise that people learn best if information is formatted as stories with lots of changes of tone and silly pictures. If anyone here has tried them, what did you think?

Here's a history of cubicles. They were originally planned to be pretty nice, but were shrunken and simplied in execution.

The oddest thing from the article is that people find offices with no fixed work locations intolerable, but are quite pleased to work at Starbucks. Perhaps Starbucks can find new locations by buying space in offices.

Link found at Geek Press.

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